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Car Upholstery Services in Mount Holly, New Jersey

Make all things new again at our business in Mount Holly, New Jersey, that provides quality car upholstery services. We are able to provide services on the premises, and we work with vinyl, cloth, and leather.

Auto Upholstery Restoration

At Back In Time Auto Upholstery, we specialize in giving your car’s interior an extreme makeover. We have more than 10,000 yards of cloth and vinyl upholstery in stock at all times. In addition, we have products for sale by the yard.

From classic cars and antiques to custom cars, we ensure your car looks fantastic when we’re finished. We primarily work on vehicle interiors and headliners. While we provide on-site services, we also travel locally within 10 miles at no charge to you.
Car Interior- Auto Upholstery in Mount Holly, NJ

Work Turn Around

Small jobs and repairs are many times completed in days following receipt of materials. Larger projects and complete restorations may take longer but never months like other shops. For show cars, we prefer a minimum of one month and we do these many times over the colder winter months.

Convertible Tops

We specialize in convertible tops for all makes and models and offer a wide selection of materials that meets or exceeds OEM standards. We guarantee a perfect, factory fit and with our large selection of colors and materials to choose from, we have the capability to custom order that top which will give your vehicle a personal, unique look. It’s not uncommon that your top could be fine, but the problem areas are with the parts you can’t see. With our 60+ years of combined experience in a wide variety of convertible tops, from old to new automobiles, electric or manual tops, we are proficient in diagnosing and repairing common problems such as malfunctions in framework, bad hydraulic systems, worn out weather stripping, tensioning systems and bad alignment – just to name a few.

Auto Interiors

We do full and partial interior jobs, repairs and complete custom interiors. This includes seats, door panels, headliners, carpeting, trunks and dash work. We stock a large variety of fabrics, vinyl, and furniture and auto upholstery patterns. In addition, we can order complete interiors for classic vehicles from a large assortment of GM, Ford and Chrysler manufacturers. We stock sample books of all the major suppliers of carpet, vinyl and upholstery fabrics.
Car Seat - Auto Upholstery in Mount Holly, NJ

Headliner Repair and Replacement

The car ceiling or "headliner" is the material that covers interior of the car's roof. Common problems of headliners are sagging, or simple deterioration with age, and may require repair or restoration. There are two headliner designs, bow and board, and each have their own unique problems:

Bow - These are commonly seen on classic vehicles. As the ceiling material ages, it may get holes or the thread holding it together may deteriorate. Generally, it's impractical to repair a bow headliner and completely replacing it is the way to go. Reproduction of original headliner materials is available on the market, so should a complete replacement be required, your car will still have as original an interior as possible. Common in cars up until the mid-1970s, bow headliners consist of sections of cloth or vinyl that have been sewn together and suspended from metal rods across the underside of the car roof.

Board - Common problems with the board headliner are sun damage along the edges, and the drying and disintegration of the foam used in the headliner backing. The result is sagging, which not only looks shabby but can also block vision and cause danger while driving. While the headliner may sometimes be glued back in place, the usual remedy is to replace either the headliner material or the headliner board. No matter what type of headliner your vehicle requires, we can fix it with quick turn-around time. Have a sun roof? No problem!

Show Cars

Show Cars include Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Antique Collector Classics and Sports Cars. Our customer’s trophies are numerous.

Furniture Upholstery

In addition to home furniture repair and upholstery, Back In Time has done some major commercial projects with award winning restaurants in Philadelphia.

Planes, Trains & Buses

Over the years, we have done commercial projects, repairs and seat covers for numerous So. Jersey transportation companies, pilots/plane owners and bus carriers.
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